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Plug-in information
Name:Tutorial Group Manager
Release Date:01-10-2001
Extra Notes:No extra files are needed with this release.
Compatible with all current versions of StudyHub.
If you are a course leader and you have tutorial / workshop groups, you already know what a complicated task it is to sort the members of your class into groups. Using sign-up sheets to allow students to choose which group they wish to be in is time-consuming, difficult to manage and often the results are unsatisfactory.

Your aim is to optimise satisfaction for all students and the Tutorial Group Manager plug-in achieves this with minimum intervention and effort on your part. This plug-in will allow each student to give a preference ordering to each tutorial time (via the website) and will then automatically sort the submissions into groups which produces the greatest satisfaction for the greatest number of students. An OR algorithm is used find the optimal allocation of students to tutorial groups.

You also have the opportunity to make manual adjustments before finally publishing the tutorial group lists on the website. Group lists can also be edited manually after they have been finalised.

Key features / benefits
:: Take all the work out of sorting your Students into groups.
:: Automatically collect Student's group preferences via the plug-in.
:: Student preference submissions can be anonymous or restricted to account holders of your website only.
:: The most optimal allocation of Students to groups is automatically calculated at the touch of a button.
:: Group lists are viewable via the website when the Administrator chooses to publish them.
:: Group lists can also be edited (or even re-calculated) after they are finalised.

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