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StudyHub has a very wide array of features to cover all types of potential needs that are required for a complete course website. Using StudyHub you can easily deploy a dynamic website for a course module, which could include any type of information you want such as lecture and tutorial schedules, notice boards, downloadable course materials etc. These different aspects of your course can be logically structured into Zones as required. In addition, each Student can register their own account on your website to access restricted areas and contribute to forums and other types of submissions. Every aspect of your site can be easily managed and updated via the web-based Control Panel. Below is a summarised feature list describing the major aspects of the software:

Fully-featured web-based administration control panel allows complete management control over every aspect of the website.
Unique ‘Zone’ concept allows virtually any website structure to be achieved to meet the needs of your course.
Fully featured integrated Forum facility allows unlimited virtual communities to be created, with all the features and management options of other commercially available bulletin board systems.
Advanced file management facility allows files to be easily uploaded, exchanged and managed via the Zones and Forums.
Advanced user account system supports multiple types of user. Registration is automated and can be restricted to particular groups of user.
Full access control over all parts of the website. Decide who can view and access each part of the content.
Download Manager can fully protect files and count how many times each file is downloaded.
Reference manager to organise and integrate hyperlinks and paper references relating to your course.
Template system allows StudyHub to be placed easily inside a University’s current website style / structure.
Broadcast email facility allows users of the website to be emailed individually or in groups via the Control Panel.
Built-in Archive management facility allows all aspects of your website to be backed up or archived on the website itself. Archives can also be restored or reviewed.
Plug-in manager enables a wide range of plug-ins (‘bolt on’ mini programs) to be added to your website, providing fantastic versatility and expansion.
Advanced and configurable website statistics allow in-depth analysis of access traffic to the various parts of your website.
Automatic awareness of the current week in the semester / term.

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