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Chapter 9: References
 1. Adding a Reference
 2. Managing References

StudyHub incorporates a Reference Manager for hyperlink and book references. This allows a set of references to be available globally to the zones within your website, enabling posts and files to be associated with selected entries. It is possible to store hyperlinks to on-line reference sources and traditional references to books and journals. In addition, sub-references can also be added to any reference or hyperlink. The following chapter will explain how to manage a list of references on your website.

9.1 Adding a Reference

Clicking on ‘Reference Manager’ in the control panel will reveal the screen, as illustrated above. Each reference must have a unique Ref ID. A Ref ID is basically a unique key which is associated with a particular reference to enable it to be used in zone content. This usually will take the form of a known abbreviation to the reference (e.g. the initials or surname of the author of a book), which is familiar to the students. As explained earlier, two different types of reference can be added to the list. In the case of an on-line reference, the URL (i.e. web address) will need to be supplied together with the title of the website, if wished. In the case of a book or journal, the reference would be entered in normal syntax. Sub-references allow you to specify a particular location inside a reference (e.g. “Chapter 3, page 123”). A sub-reference can also be made from an online reference hyperlink. (e.g. reference URL: ‘www.website.com’ sub-reference: ‘public/use/welcome.html’)

The same form is used to add either type of reference. The fields of this form are explained below:

  • Ref ID. A unique ‘identification key’ for the reference. This will be displayed when the reference is referred to in a zone.
  • Reference. Enter the reference details for a book / journal in the standard format familiar to you.
  • Hyperlink URL. Enter the URL to an on-line resource without a leading ‘http://’.
  • Hyperlink Title. Enter the title for the on-line resource. If left blank the URL will be used by default.
  • Extra Info. Any extra information about the particular reference that does not fit in any other field.
  • Sub Ref(s) / Sub URL(s). Enter each sub-reference or sub URL on a separate line. There is no limit to how many can be created.
A newly created reference will appear in the list at the bottom of the screen alphanumerically in order of Ref ID. It will also appear in the reference attribute of any zone which has references enabled. References are referred to in zone content by their Ref ID, and sub references, if selected, in the format Ref ID: Sub Reference. In the case of a hyperlink reference, the URL will be displayed as a clickable link.

A hyperlink and a reference cannot be submitted in the same entry. A separate reference (with a different Ref ID) will be needed in each instance.

9.2 Managing References

All references can be modified after creation, as required. Clicking ‘delete’ next to the desired reference entry in the list will delete the references and will also remove any reference made to it in any post made in any zone.

Each reference can be manually ordered as required using the arrow icons as described in Chapter 6.5.

Click ‘modify’ to change the contents of a reference. You will be able to change any aspect of a reference including the Ref ID. When the Ref ID is changed it will be updated across any zone post, which originally referred to it. Any sub-references that are removed will also be removed from any zone posts, which referred to them.

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