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Chapter 14: Archive Manager
 1. Creating an Archive
 2. Viewing an Archive
 3. Managing Archives

StudyHub provides an extensive archiving feature, which allows the complete content of a module website to be archived or backed up. At the end of each academic semester, the complete course can be archived and the website reset. This archive can then be easily viewed and restored if required. This powerful feature enables you to keep a complete record of previous years’ modules, including all file uploads, forum posts and user accounts. The following chapter explains the various options and functions available in the Archive Manager.

14.1 Creating an Archive

Clicking on ‘Archive Manager’ in the control panel will display the screen as illustrated. An archive can easily be created from the current content of the website by using the form provided. There are a number of different ways of archiving the website, as now explained:
  • Archive Name. The name of the archive must only contain alphanumeric characters and is limited to 16 characters.
  • Description. Additional information about the archive can be entered here.
  • Copy Website. Select this type of archiving method if you want to copy the content of the website and retain the original information in place.
  • Move Website. This method will move the entire content of the website and delete all forums and zones as well as their content.
  • Move Website (retaining structure). This has the effect of moving the content of the website to the archive but retaining the empty zones and forums. This option is useful if you wish to simply move the content of the website at the end of the semester but keep the design structure the same for next year.
Once a valid name and archive method has been selected, a new archive entry will appear in the list (in date order). It will display the statistics of the archive including number of zones, forums, user accounts, files etc. If you elected to move the website to an archive, your Administrator account will become unavailable, as the user account database has been moved to the archive. You will therefore have to re-login to the control panel using the default username and password (admin / admin).

14.2 Viewing an Archive

An existing archive can be viewed by clicking ‘view’ next to the desired entry. You will then be re-directed to the main website, with the content of the archive shown in lieu of the current content. It will appear as a complete ‘carbon copy’ of the website that was originally archived and you can interact and even change threads in the forums. The current website content is unaffected and is still readable by any normal visitor. Viewing an archive essentially just re-routes the location of the content towards the archive rather than the current content. You cannot edit the content of the archive via the control panel.

14.3 Managing Archives

If you wish to delete an archive, simply click ‘delete’ next to the desired entry in the list. This will remove the entire contents of the archive, including all files.

If you wish to restore an archive, click ‘restore’ next to the desired entry. This will move the entire archive and overwrite the current content. The current information that is overwritten will be completely removed, including all zone and forum structures. The original archive which was restored will also be removed.

Both these actions should be taken with caution as they are non-reversible.

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