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Chapter 10: Main Website (for Students)
 1. Layout Overview
 2. Zone Layout
 3. Downloads Section
 4. References Section

As explained earlier, StudyHub is split into two websites: the main website and the control panel. This section explains the main website, which the students will be using. It has been designed to be very easy to operate and quick to navigate. The speed of use is a very important factor in StudyHub. The design allows students to access the latest information contained in the site with the minimum of effort and complication. The design is simple enough to be learnt very quickly without extra help or documentation, yet powerful enough to contain a highly developed structure with a large amount of content.

10.1 Website Layout Overview

The basic layout of the website includes a header, main body, and footer as described below.


Below the header of the template (see Chapter 2.2) is the header of the main website. The grey bar indicates whether the user is logged into the site and offers a direct link to the login menu.

The coloured bar below the header displays the current date together with the current course week. The week is derived from the course start date and is adjusted accordingly if any course breaks are specified. The week number will not be displayed outside term time or during course breaks. The name of the current section / zone is displayed on the right side of the bar. The colour of the bar will correspond with the specified colour scheme of the zone (i.e. blue/grey/purple/yellow/green) and will be grey for anything which is not a course zone.


As illustrated above, the main body of the website is where the content is displayed. The left-hand column provides the navigation links to the various parts of the website. It is split into three main sections:
  • Course Zones. User-defined zones that comprise the main structure.
  • Course Materials. Containing the user forums, downloads, and references.
  • User Accounts. For the registration and administration of personal user accounts.
The right side of the main body contains the information held within each zone / section, which is detailed later in this Chapter.


The grey bar at the bottom of the screen denotes the footer of the main body. The section hits and site hits are displayed on the right-hand side depending on the analysis settings (see Chapter 11.1). The footer of the user-defined template (see Chapter 2.2) will be displayed after this.

10.2 Course Zones

The basic layout of a zone is a list of posts going down the screen (the order is user-specified). The start of each post is denoted by a horizontal line with a small coloured arrow on the right. The layout of the content in each post is self-explanatory and will adjust to accommodate any configuration of elements and attributes. If a forum is associated with the current zone, a ‘Discuss’ link will be displayed after each post, which will link directly to posting a new thread in the forum. If the number of posts displayed exceeds the limit allowed per page (user-defined), an option will appear below to allow navigation through each page of posts (similar to pages in a book).

If a forum and / or downloads are enabled for a zone (both pictured above), they will appear as a summary in a right-hand column. This summary will display the 8 latest forums posts / downloads. These are clickable links direct to the forum post / download. Clicking ‘More’ will take the user to the corresponding summary screen for an expanded list of associated entries.


The Downloads section provides easy access to all the downloadable files contained in every course zone. It offers a lot of extra information about each file (description, when it was uploaded, format / size, course-related attributes). Information such as when the file was uploaded, its size and format are automatically created when the file is uploaded. Course-related attributes (References, Topics, Weeks, Lectures) are inherited from posts in zones which include the particular file, e.g. a file would inherit the attributes lecture 4 and reference 1, from a post in a zone about lecture 4 which has reference 1 and that file associated with it.

All downloads, regardless of Zone, are displayed by default in order of time of uploading (newest first). The user can choose to look only at the files in a particular zone by using the menu in the top right-hand corner. Only zones that contain downloads will be shown in this list. The approximate age of a file can be quickly determined by its icon colour (red for over 5 days old, yellow for under 5 days old). 20 downloads are viewable per page.

Downloads that are contained within view restricted (see Chapter 6.3) Zones will only be viewable to users who have sufficient access. Downloads from restricted Zones that a user is not allowed to view (either because they are not logged in or don’t have a sufficient user class) will be omitted from the ‘All’ downloads listing.

10.4 References

The References section is similar in appearance and operation to the Download section. References are listed in the alphabetical order of their reference ID. The Ref ID is used to identify a reference when associated with a post. All references are listed by default, but the user can choose to view only the references contained in a particular course zone by using the menu at the top right. 20 references can be viewed per page.

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