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Why do you need StudyHub? What benefits are gained through using this system? For potential users it can be hard to recognise that they actually need such a piece of software especially if they have had no previous experience of using the internet as an aid to teaching. In essence StudyHub is a piece of software which has been designed to be a tool that is easy to use and above all useful on a practical level. The following key points will help you to understand more clearly what benefits can be gained through using StudyHub.

The Lecturer has direct control via the website itself. There is no need for anyone else to help maintain the content of your site. The website can be managed from anywhere with a web browser and internet connection.
Easy to use and learn – no previous technical ability is needed to start using StudyHub.
Consolidate and structure the information of a course rapidly via a professional on-line presence, which will greatly improve the learning experience for Students.
The concept of ‘Zones’ allows a virtually unlimited variety of course website structures to be implemented quickly and easily. You construct a website to suit your needs, not the other way around.
A very effective tool for two-way communication between the Lecturer and the Students, using the Forums and broadcast email facilities.
Create a professional hub of information for your course.
The system is totally flexible for users’ needs – it can be as large and complex or as small and simple as required.
Virtual learning communities can be developed, allowing students to exchange ideas and files under the complete control of the course leader(s).
Virtually unlimited expansion potential and versatility, with a growing collection of plug-ins available.
The cosmetic and structural design of the website can be individually styled to suit the needs of the Course Leader(s) / University.
You have complete control over who is allowed to access any or all parts of your website including the downloading of files.
The Archival facility allows for unlimited complete website back-ups or archives, allowing past years’ work to be safely stored and reviewed when required.

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