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Appendix B: Version History

Version 2.03 (10/03/2002)

  • Advanced search facility has now been integrated allowing complete content to be searched across your website. Users can search by particular attributes, free text query, or a combination of the two. Logical AND / OR operators can be used to narrow or widen the search criteria. Specific search spaces can also be specified to further restrict the search area.
  • Restructure of the way Zone content is added. Attributes are now assigned directly to file uploads rather than indirectly through message posts (without a message). (Note. The version data converter will need to be run if you are upgrading from a previous version).
  • Simplified Zone attributes. Content time / date and author attributes are now compulsory (non-selectable). The attribute selection is now reduced to course-related attributes only.
  • Improved Zone output on the main website. Users will be shown expanded forum headers if no file or message posts exist in a Zone. Plug-ins will always be displayed at the top of a Zone regardless of what information is available for that Zone.
  • Attributes that are enabled for a Zone will now appear in a right hand column in the content creation form in the control panel.
  • Added 'olive' colour scheme.
  • Cosmetically updated appearance of message posts in Zones on the main website, including the 'page turn' option at the bottom of the screen of each Zone.
  • Cosmetically updated layout of the download area on the main website. All course-related attributes for each file grouped into a single column.
  • Expanded download information will be displayed in a Zone which has no message posts but has a plug-in enabled for it.
  • Unified sorting of content in Zones. Download entries are now sorted under the same sorting rules that are applied to message posts in a Zone.
  • New manual sorting option is enabled for Zones, which allows all the content in a Zone to be orderedmanually if required (and not just the file download entries).
  • 'Quote' option is now enabled for replying to forum threads. Clicking 'quote' on a particular forum post will automatically quote the original text in the new forum reply.
  • Multiple topics can now be selected when used for adding content to Zones.
  • Many other minor changes and improvements.

Version 2.02 (07/02/2002)

  • Integrated the new Download Manager, which allows files to be fully protected via the website itself on a per Zone basis. The actual downloading of files can now be fully restricted to specified groups of users. Administrator can configure the method by which downloadable files are delviered to the end user.
  • Zones, File downloads, References, and Forums can all now be manually ordered via the Control Panel. Each entry can be moved up or down by one place at a time or moved to the top or bottom of the list as required. This is achieved by using the new arrow icons next to each entry in the corresponding table in the Control Panel. New entries made in any of these lists are placed at the top by default.
  • Complete cosmetic re-design of the Control Panel to give a clearer appearance.
  • Download counting is enabled for all files (only viewable by Administrators).
  • Files contained within 'view restricted' Zones will not be shown from the Downloads section on the main website.
  • Updated and unified the data file locking procedure to address problems with high traffic situations (the variable is now redundant).
  • Entries 'Attach existing file entries..' field in Zone content form of the Control Panel are now truncated to a specific length to stop very long entries from over widening the screen. Truncated entries will be terminated by '..'.
  • Changed account restriction method to increase security. Email addresses that are contained in the restriction list will now be removed once they are used to register an account. The email address used to initially register an account will be retained (unchanged) throughout the life of the account to aid more accurate user tracking.
  • '§ion' attribute in the URL path has been changed to '&part' to solve compatibility problems with IE 4.0 and derivatives.
  • Whole thread is now viewable when writing a reply to a thread in a forum (displayed below the form)
  • Increased title element length in forum posts from 50 to 75 characters
  • Minor cosmetic refinement to forum thread viewing (changed date format and simplified layout slightly).
  • Added formatting option to the 'Message Title' element in Zones.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.01 (06/11/2001)

  • Cosmetic re-design of Zone posts on the main website to reduce white-space and increase clarity.
  • Enhanced post-tag support to include alignment attributes for image-embedding in Zone posts.
  • Added parsing method options to Zone posts. You now have the choice to parse messages you post in Zones as either raw HTML or as [Post-Tags] (the in-built pseudo-HTML parsing engine). This will allow you to drop HTML/JAVA code directly into posts to increase versatility. If you do not require any extra formatting options over the selection given by [Post-Tags] it is reccommended not to use raw HTML as the parsing method.
  • Embedded images and forum file attachments have been placed in a seperate directory ('$pubfile') outside of the '$docdir'.
  • Minor bug fixes, including the error which removed embedded images from posts when they were modified.

Version 2.0 (17/10/2001)

  • First commercial release.

Version 1 BETA

  • This was a private BETA test version of the software.

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