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The StudyHub Knowledge Base attempts to provide answers to commonly asked questions relating to StudyHub. Each Q&A belongs to a particular group of similar types of enquiry. The knowledge base is constantly updated - questions posed by users in the support forums may well be added to the growing list inside this section.
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Q050232: Users cannot download the files that are on my website or downloaded files are corrupt.
Q050224: Are my backups private or can anyone view them?
Q050219: How can I prevent students from viewing the current hit rate but still analyse the traffic to my site?
Q050217: How can I order my entries?
Q050216: How can I deselect and select multiple entries in an entry field that allows multiple selections?
Q050212: How can I make a backup of my website?
Q050211: What are restrictions in Forums and Zones?
Q050210: What are [Post-Tags] and how do I use them?
Q05029: How do I create Zone posts or Forum posts with extra formatting?

Q050231: How can I protect my file downloads?
Q050230: How can I upload multiple files with the same attributes?
Q141029: can I display a previously designed, simple web page within StudyHub?
Q050227: Why when I visit a Zone on my website do I get automatically re-directed to the downloads section for that Zone?
Q050223: What is a ‘Default Start’ Zone?
Q050222: Can I remove attributes or elements from a zone which I have already used in that Zone?
Q050215: How can I refer to a Reference in a Zone? Why are some references listed multiple times when I go to select them from within a Zone?
Q05023: What are Attributes and why do I need them?
Q05022: How do I create a timetable?
Q05021: How do I upload multiple files with one message post?

Q05028: How do I create a ‘virtual workspace’ for groups of users (e.g. Students)?
Q05027: What are Forum categories and why do I need them?

Q050228: Why can’t users change their usernames?
Q050226: Is it possible for someone to create multiple accounts using the same email address?
Q050225: What happens if I delete my own Administrator account?
Q050218: What does the visitor information mean?
Q190214: How can I prevent unwanted users from registering on my website?

Q05026: The images are not being displayed.
Q05025: What is CHMOD and how do I specify it?
Q05024: I am getting ‘500 Internal Server Error’ error messages.

Q050221: How can I have multiple instances of the same plug-in in different Zones?
Q050220: Can a plug-in appear in more than one zone?
Q050213: What are plug-ins and how do I use them?

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